Trick-or-Treat: Keep Your Kids Safe this Halloween

Halloween is a desirable childhood holiday; they get to dress up as their favorite character from a book or movie.  For weeks, your favorite super hero, princess, monster or witch has been anxiously awaiting trick-or-treat night, and I’m sure you are just as excited to see them show off their costume!  Having a safety plan will help keep the magic of Halloween night alive for many years to come.  Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but not when it comes to your child’s safety.  Here are some health and safety tips to keep in mind this year…

Dress appropriately.  Be prepared for the cold!  Even if your child can’t fully show off their costume because winter coats and hats are needed, your child won’t remember this; they will only remember they were warm and cozy.   However, purchasing a costume that is one size bigger can help with this so that layers can be added or removed as needed.  Just be sure the costume is not a tripping hazard.  Make sure everyone walking in your party has comfortable shoes.   The last thing you want to hear is “Mom, my feet hurt” and you’re only 10 minutes into the night. 

Be Seen.  With some creativity, you can add reflective tape to any costume or trick-or-treat bag to help be seen by drivers.  To add some fun to your walking party, pass out glow sticks and make sure to bring your flashlights with fresh batteries! 

Choose the Best Time and Location.  Having an early dinner and heading out right at dusk makes it easier to be seen.  Make sure your child uses the bathroom before leaving your house and only go to houses that have porch lights on as those are the houses prepared to pass out candy.  Talk to your child about staying with the group.  They will be so excited and will want to run from house to house, but reminding them never to cross the road without an adult and never cutting across yards or alleys. 

Crush the Sugar Highs.  ALWAYS make sure to inspect your child’s candy before eating.  Throw out all candy that seems to be opened or homemade.  It’s easy to overload on all those yummy treats, so be sure to remind your child about healthy habits.  Many dentist offices will have fun prize exchanges for candy this time of year.  If your child has an abundance of candy, teach your child about sharing.  You can take them to an assisted living center to share with the residents.  Even if they can’t enjoy the treats, I am sure they would still enjoy a visit from the children.   

Talk About the Culture.  Letting children know that not everyone celebrates Halloween by dressing up as their favorite charter.  This is a great time to discuss the meaning behind “Trick-or-Treat” and how other people across the world celebrate throughout the year.   Letting children know that not everyone can experience all the yummy candy and chocolates due to allergies or illness.  You can encourage children to think about other ways we can include those trick-or-treaters by passing out non-food items. 

Hoping these tips will help everyone have a FUN and SAFE Halloween!!!