It's Back....Cold and Flu Season!!!

It's Back...Cold and Flu Season!!!

It's October....Which inevitably means we are all once again becoming vitamin C-stocking, house-disinfecting, fever-fearing maniacs!  Our blood curdles with the ring of every phone, the sound of every sniffle and sneeze.  And the thing we fear the most during cold and flu season....OTHER PEOPLE'S  CHILDREN!!!!! AAAHHHHH! 

The fact of the matter is, while you will still most likely receive that dreaded phone call that your child is not feeling well and needs to be sent home from school or child care, you are not harming your child by exposing them to others, you are in fact, helping them.  Don't be discouraged.  Your child is getting what they need from school and child care.  I'm not just talking about early learning, social exposure and other skills that will help prepare your child for their future.  They are also building a and healthy immune system that will assist them in kicking those nasty cold and flu symptoms faster.  How is this possible?  Exposure to germs is essential to building their immune system and this means other people's children are not so scary after all!

Don't get me wrong...there is one thing that will make absolutely, positively, 100% certain that your child and everyone else's WILL get sick repeatedly: Ignoring or disguising signs and symptoms of contagious illnesses and sending your child to school or child care.  We get it...there are meetings that can't be missed, vacation days that have run out, plans that won't be rescheduled.  But, before you treat that fever with ibuprofen and send your child off to school or child care, ask yourself these questions...Am I prepared to get that dreaded phone call again next week?  And the week after?  And the week after that?

Hopefully, you and your child get that "home away from home" feeling every time you walk into your child care or school.  But when your baby or child is not feeling well....There is truly no substitute for their own home with their own family.  Keep them in their bed, in their jammies, in your arms.  There is no better medicine.