What You Need to Know About Your Preschool Teacher…

Although it’s difficult to have someone else watch your child for sometimes 10 plus hours a day, childcare can be a huge benefit.   Children who are in preschool have the opportunity to grow in so many ways – socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  Studies show that children  who have been in a preschool setting, starting as early as an infant, perform better on an academic and cognitive tests and have fewer adolescent behaviors.  It’s pretty amazing the affect quality child care can have on such a little one.   With all the benefits aside, who is the one that introduces these lifelong skills to your child…YOUR PRESCHOOL TEACHER!  I want to share with those who currently have their child in preschool and or have yet to enter this passionate yet busy world of childcare, exactly what to expect from your preschool teacher, because they are amazing.  Truly amazing!

1.            They scream inside when they hear you call their profession “daycare” and how lucky they are that they get to play all day.     

2.            They have an unhealthy obsession with school supplies.

3.            They have the ability to sit on teensy weensy chairs.

4.            They can listen and respond to three different conversations at the same time.

5.            In the shower they sing calendar songs rather than popular radio songs.

6.            They can get 5 children to use the bathroom efficiently in the same amount of time that a parent can get their own child to do the same task.

7.            They wash their hands – A LOT!  Lotion is their BFF most days!

8.            Pinterest is their go to for EVERYTHING.

9.            They will always check their seat before sitting down.

10.        They always give themselves away in public because of their art stained, spit-up filled shirt.

11.        They are extremely patient.

12.         They have a love hate relationship with glitter and play-dough.

13.          When they go to a birthday party, they ask if they can keep the tissue paper before after presents are opened.  

14.         They are geniuses at multitasking.  They can be breaking up an argument, while wiping someone’s nose and reading a book to another child.  AMAZING!

15.         Getting new markers and crayons make them smile.

16.          Preschool teachers know all the funny sad and embarrassing moments of your life. 

17.         They use their teacher voice even when they are with their family and friends.

18.         They know when it’s a full moon without looking outside.

19.         When eating at the dinner table, they will always move your drinking class away from the edge of the table.   

20.        They will always ask if anyone needs to go to the bathroom as they enter a theater with a group of friends.