Trena Loomans

December 27, 2012
"I remember crying while sitting in my car the first day I dropped my soon-to-be two year old daughter off at WCC. Ms. Sheila was reassuring and Kyra immediately was smiling. However, I was a guilt-ridden mess. As the weeks went by, I felt blessed to have such loving, understanding and patient adults taking care of Kyra. That became more evident than ever when Kyra was in Ms. Stacie's classroom. Kyra starting having some challenging behaviors and, at first, we couldn't figure out what was causing them. My heart was literally breaking every day I was watching my happy little girl struggling to fit in. Ms. Stacie and all of the WCC staff never judged or treated Kyra differently. They were only concerned and wanted to help. Finally, we found out that Kyra had ADHD and needed the doctor's help. The first day in over three months, I walked into the classroom and Kyra was smiling with pride as she had a "good" day. No reports of misbehaving! Instead, she was herself again! Playing with friends, giving her teachers hugs and full of optimism. I cried that day too, but tears of happiness and gratitude for the wonderful people at WCC. Since then, I've trusted them with two more of my children. No other child care center compares!"