Cedar Creek Center Parent


As parents of a smiley, yet very particular baby girl, we are so grateful for the teachers, assistant director and director at WCC - Cedar Creek.  Our daughter is small for her age and there was concern over her slow weight gain for the first 6 months of her life.  She is very sensitive to who is feeding her, how she is being held, and the temperature of the breast milk.  WCC staff have done everything possible to ensure our daughter takes in as much as possible.  If she refused her bottle, they would try a different position, a different teacher, etc.  It was so comforting as a worried parent, to see how much WCC cared and the lengths they would go to in an effort to help our daughter eat.  The teachers know her so well - she is always full of smiles each morning when she sees them.  I also love how involved the director and assistant director are in the day to day care in the classrooms.