Stephanie Fredrick - Westside Parent

Tobias and Amelia have been going to WCC since they were babies. They both love their teachers and friends. The facility is always clean and kept safe. Everyone is nice and happy with the kids. I like getting updates about behavior (good or bad) and the daily sheets let me know what the kids are learning that day. The teachers are open about anything they notice that the kids may be struggling with and they always share positive things the kids have done throughout the day. Kids are kids and they get hurt occasionally, but the staff keep me informed about what happened, how they helped, and how my kid recovered. I like the menus and food they offer. The meals are diverse enough that the kids don’t get bored and they experience many different healthy foods/meals. My kids are always well fed throughout the day. We love WCC and are happy that our kids are safe and well cared for while my husband and I work.