Employee Testimonial

After having my second child, I was looking for child care and a job that was closer to home.  I enrolled my children into WCC Cedar Creek in late summer.  WCC was also hiring for a position that I had previously taught in a different city.  I applied, interviewed, and accepted the (Wausau School District) 4 Year Old Kindergarten Position with Wausau Child Care.  The position was for the Westside and Franklin Centers.  I am now teaching my 4th school year with WCC.  Before this opportunity, I had taught 4 years of 4K in another WI school district.  All 8 of my years I have taught 4K in the child care center setting.  Teaching in the child care setting allows me to work closely with the student’s child care provider about their skills and foster their 4K experience to best fit their developmental level.  Teaching at 2 centers on a daily basis, I am able to feel like an essential part of the WCC family.  Both center directors and teachers I have worked with are understanding and supportive of me implementing the WSD Learning Targets and Curriculum.  Classrooms give parents a special opportunity to join in an activity with their child.  As a teacher, it is nice opening up our classroom doors and sharing with parents the things their child is learning, showcasing art projects, and revealing their child’s skills in in action.  Choosing a career with WCC has provided me a staff discount which makes child care affordable for my family.  As part of my teaching role, I share meals with the children at no cost.  I like having the opportunity to eat the same meals that my kids are having that day at their location.  As a parent it is reassuring to know exactly what they are being served.  WCC plans continuing education opportunities to take part in as a way to gain educational hours for licensing regulations.  I plan to remain teaching 4K at WCC as the centers continue to grow.   

Ms. Nicole