Michelle and Scott-Cedar Creek Family

We are beyond thankful for the care and education that our daughter has received, since she started one year ago at the Cedar Creek Center. She has definitely blossomed with her knowledge, interpersonal skills, and creativity. We were extremely hesitant about enrolling her into a daycare center, however, we were provided with an abundance of positive information and reassurance from the program director. This led us to become confident in our decision that the Cedar Creek Center was perfect for our family’s child care needs.

Throughout her care in both the Zoo room and the Chicka room, she has flourished with understanding interpersonal boundaries, learning of the alphabet, numbers, days of the week and colors. She additionally continues to incorporate what she has learned from the program’s various lesson plans into her everyday life. The care providers are upbeat, compassionate, and willing to provide feedback about any questions that we may have. All of the providers have been awesome. We feel that they are an extension of our family. Their communication is impeccable. We love that she is provided with a report card on a daily basis. This allows us to talk with our child about the day’s events and to ask the providers questions if needed.

A majority of the time, when we pick up our daughter at the end of the day, she wants to give her friends or the staff big hugs prior to leaving. In the car ride home, she loves to talk about what she has learned or who she played with. Her happiness validates that we did make the correct choice in daycare providers. As parents, it can be difficult to juggle work, school, and daycare. We truly believe that our daughter is being provided with the BEST care in the Wausau area at the Wausau Child Care Cedar Creek Center.