Christal Gabriel

January 28, 2013
"I spent many hours thinking & worrying about how to choose the right daycare. Since my daughter was only going to be part time, I was looking for a daycare that was going to provide a rich learning environment that would be both fun and educational. I wanted to find a place where she would get the individual attention that I wanted her to have and the interaction with other children that I felt she needs. I am happy to say that Wausau Child Care provides that environment. Although she has interacted with many of the teachers, she spends the most time with Miss Hollie and Miss Stacie. They are very attentative to her little quirks. They are willing to help me "work" on particular things with her (i.e. tummy time). I always feel comfortable expressing my concerns with them. My favorite thing is all of the fun artwork she brings home. I need to get a bin to store it all. I know she is learning things there that she might not learn otherwise or at a different daycare. I know she is in good hands when I leave her there."