Employee Testimonial

After having my second child, I was looking for child care and a job that was closer to home.  I enrolled my children into WCC Cedar Creek in late summer.  WCC was also hiring for a position that I had previously taught in a different city.  I applied, interviewed, and accepted the (Wausau School District) 4 Year Old Kindergarten Position with Wausau Child Care.  The position was for the Westside and Franklin Centers.  I am now teaching my 4th school year with WCC.  Before this opportunity, I had taught 4 years of 4K in another WI school district.  All 8 of my years I have taught 4K in the child care center setting.  Teaching in the child care setting allows me to work closely with the student’s child care provider about their skills and foster their 4K experience to best fit their developmental level.  Teaching at 2 centers on a daily basis, I am able to feel like an essential part of the WCC family.  Both center directors and teachers I have worked with are understanding and supportive of me implementing the WSD Learning Targets and Curriculum.  Classrooms give parents a special opportunity to join in an activity with their child.  As a teacher, it is nice opening up our classroom doors and sharing with parents the things their child is learning, showcasing art projects, and revealing their child’s skills in in action.  Choosing a career with WCC has provided me a staff discount which makes child care affordable for my family.  As part of my teaching role, I share meals with the children at no cost.  I like having the opportunity to eat the same meals that my kids are having that day at their location.  As a parent it is reassuring to know exactly what they are being served.  WCC plans continuing education opportunities to take part in as a way to gain educational hours for licensing regulations.  I plan to remain teaching 4K at WCC as the centers continue to grow.   

Ms. Nicole

The Boyle Family - Cedar Creek

I was in the middle of changing job locations and needed child care for my 1 ½ yr. old and 3 month old.  My husband and I wanted some place that had quality care and was close to home.  When we searched child cares, Wausau Child Care had 3 locations in the Wausau area.  Luckily, WCC Cedar Creek was within 5 minutes from our home.  We enrolled and have been utilizing their care for 3 ½ years.  Now our kids are 4 ½ and 3 years old.  We all love the short drive and they like waving as we go by on the weekends.  Over the years they have changed classrooms multiple times as they age.  WCC has made the transitions smooth and they are always welcomed into their rooms with smiles and fun new activities that are age appropriate.  Daily they talk about the books they read, art projects they created, and the friends they played with.  Our experience with the staff/ teachers has been great.  They are friendly, honest about our children’s day and willing to work together on any concerns that we have.  We also like being provided with the upcoming week’s meal menu.  WCC offers a wide variety of healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks. WCC Cedar Creek offers a 4 Year Old Kindergarten program though the DC Everest School District so we are able to conveniently jump start our children’s educational experience smoothly.  We look forward to the next couple years at WCC!  

The Boyle Family

Stephanie Fredrick - Westside Parent

Tobias and Amelia have been going to WCC since they were babies. They both love their teachers and friends. The facility is always clean and kept safe. Everyone is nice and happy with the kids. I like getting updates about behavior (good or bad) and the daily sheets let me know what the kids are learning that day. The teachers are open about anything they notice that the kids may be struggling with and they always share positive things the kids have done throughout the day. Kids are kids and they get hurt occasionally, but the staff keep me informed about what happened, how they helped, and how my kid recovered. I like the menus and food they offer. The meals are diverse enough that the kids don’t get bored and they experience many different healthy foods/meals. My kids are always well fed throughout the day. We love WCC and are happy that our kids are safe and well cared for while my husband and I work.

Stefen & Tiffany King - Westside Parent

We love Wausau Child Care! Delilah is two years old now, but she was born two months premature. I was afraid she would be behind on her verbal skills, gross and fine motor skills. I credit the wonderful care the teachers give her for that. She talks up a storm, plus she has also learned how to be polite, patient, and kind. She wouldn’t be where she is now without the wonderful staff at Wausau Child Care. We also now send out 7 month old, Sullivan, there. He is also flourishing! He has a smile for everyone. I never worry about sending my kids to daycare, because I know they will be very well cared for. I would (and do) recommend Wausau Child Care.

Michelle and Scott-Cedar Creek Family

We are beyond thankful for the care and education that our daughter has received, since she started one year ago at the Cedar Creek Center. She has definitely blossomed with her knowledge, interpersonal skills, and creativity. We were extremely hesitant about enrolling her into a daycare center, however, we were provided with an abundance of positive information and reassurance from the program director. This led us to become confident in our decision that the Cedar Creek Center was perfect for our family’s child care needs.

Throughout her care in both the Zoo room and the Chicka room, she has flourished with understanding interpersonal boundaries, learning of the alphabet, numbers, days of the week and colors. She additionally continues to incorporate what she has learned from the program’s various lesson plans into her everyday life. The care providers are upbeat, compassionate, and willing to provide feedback about any questions that we may have. All of the providers have been awesome. We feel that they are an extension of our family. Their communication is impeccable. We love that she is provided with a report card on a daily basis. This allows us to talk with our child about the day’s events and to ask the providers questions if needed.

A majority of the time, when we pick up our daughter at the end of the day, she wants to give her friends or the staff big hugs prior to leaving. In the car ride home, she loves to talk about what she has learned or who she played with. Her happiness validates that we did make the correct choice in daycare providers. As parents, it can be difficult to juggle work, school, and daycare. We truly believe that our daughter is being provided with the BEST care in the Wausau area at the Wausau Child Care Cedar Creek Center.

Westside Center Family

My husband and I are not from Wausau and so when it came time to start researching places to take our first child for day care, we relied heavily on word-of-mouth referrals and suggestions. Some may be deterred from WCC based on cost alone, but it’s important to remember you are talking about the care of a little human-being. Quality of care should take precedence if at all possible. We have been so happy with WCC and have no doubt where we will take our next child when the time comes. They are reliable, have convenient locations, offer a great selection of meals and activities, and make an effort to get to know each child. I highly recommend WCC just as it was highly recommended to us by so many people we talked to.

April - Wausau Child Care Family

Our son will begin his last year at Wasau Child Care in a few months. He started with WCC at 9 weeks old. My husband and I placed a high priority on choosing a program that our soon could attend all the way through 4K. He will be completing his 4K year next spring before transitioning to summer school then elementary school.

WCC has fully met our desires. Our son has had a wonderful four years at Wausau Child Care. He’s happy when we drop him off and happy when we pick him up.

Wausau Child Care has been great to work with. We like our son’s teachers as much as we like them. We are very grateful to WCC for giving our son a great early childhood education experience.

Amanda - Westside Center Family

I moved back to Wausau after spending 7 years in Milwaukee. My biggest concern was finding a daycare that I loved and so did my son. After checking out and taking tours of at least 4 other different facilitates in the area, my gut and my heart chose Wasua Child Care - Westside and it has been by far the best daycare my son has gone to. At the other day cares my son went to, which were all 5 star rated, every morning there was an issue getting my son to ween away from me and feel comfortable. I think after 1 week at WCC, my son happily walked into the room with confidence and was fine with me leaving for work. Every morning we got a big warm welcome and there were stations set up for the kids to play with. Not only are the classrooms clean, organized, and welcoming, but the teachers are all outstanding. They caught on to my child’s personality so quickly! Everything WCC has provided for me and my son have been nothing but good and I would recommend WCC to everyone!

Anne - Cedar Creek Parent

When my daughter started attending WCC-Cedar Creek it was the first time I was entrusting someone other than hospital staff or family to take car of her.  It was also the first time I was allowed to as she was a preemie, born at 28 weeks.  Even though she was one year old, she began in the Moon Room but as the years went on, the staff always encouraged her to remain with the correct peer group.  If it weren't for this daycare, I do not think my daughter would be entering Kindergarten without any major educational or developmental delays.  We are not only leaving daycare behind at WCC-CC, we are moving on from our second home.  Her teachers over the years are more friends and family than simply staff.  I would encourage and highly recommend your child being taken care of by this center, we are surely sad to go!

Erin Bailey - Franklin Center Parent

Outstanding is the word that comes to mind when I think of Wausau Child Care and the staff that have taken care of my daughter for the last 2 1/2 years.  The staff make a warm and welcoming environment where children are allowed to learn and explore.  My daughter also attended 4K in the Teddy Bear room with Ms. Tanya and Ms. Brea and the development she made from the beginning of the year to the end was truly something special to watch.  And be able to participate in  parent activities was very special. 

The Gehrig Family

The teachers at Wausau Child Care, especially those in the Tadpole Room always give the best care to our son.  They treat him as a member of their own family.  They greet him each day with a friendly, caring smile and say good-bye with an anecdote from his day.  It makes it easier to leave him each day knowing he is in the best care possible!  Thank you Ms. Mai, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Sandy and Ms. Rosie for being such wonderful people in our son's life!

Kara - Franklin Center Parent

Wausau Child Care is an awesome place!

The staff is always very friendly and listen to my concerns/requests.  Excellent care of my children, as my oldest always has exciting things to share with me everyday and something new he learned.

I'm at ease that my children are well taken care of, safe and learning everyday.  I've never been anywhere else that has such friendly staff.

Thank you WCC for everything you do for our family!

Franklin Center Parent

Our son's social skills have improved a lot.  We appreciate all the staff members' hard work and patience with our son.  We enjoy all the staff and hope to stay with Wausau Child Care Inc. for many more years to come. 

Julie - Cedar Creek Parent


My brother had taken his kids to WCC and highly recommended it to me when my daughter was born.  As soon as we walked in for our tour, we were greeted warmly and with respect.  My daughter will be two now and that same care and respect has been shown from the staff since that first day.  Teachers who don't have to interact with us know her name and share stories about times they've helped in her room or just see her around and make sure she's having fun each day.  We've had flexible schedules when needed and someone is always available if we ever have questions or concerns. 

My daughter loves the friends she's made and the teachers she's had so far.  I imagine the next two years will be just as great!  We plan on having another child and will definitely bring him/her here as well.  I can't imagine a better place. 

April Coleman


When my husband and I originally researched daycare, a lot of research went into it.  After comparing price, programs, locations and several other factors, we decided on Wausau Child Care.  Our son has been there over a year.  Even with the staff changes and moving through the program, he's happy when we drop him off and when we pick him up.  We look forward to him going through the whole program at the Cedar Creek Center and we know that the staff will continue to be excellent.

Stephanie - Cedar Creek Center Parent


WCC has been wonderful for both my child and myself.  The staff are always very personable and kind.  they have taught my daughter so much in caring for her.  I can always have a great conversation with her teachers when I drop her off or pick her up making me so comfortable leaving her in their care.  They have helped during transitions such as bottle to sippy and no more nuk.  I couldn't have done those things so well without their help.

You guys are awesome!  Keep up the amazing job you always do!!

Cedar Creek Center Parent


As parents of a smiley, yet very particular baby girl, we are so grateful for the teachers, assistant director and director at WCC - Cedar Creek.  Our daughter is small for her age and there was concern over her slow weight gain for the first 6 months of her life.  She is very sensitive to who is feeding her, how she is being held, and the temperature of the breast milk.  WCC staff have done everything possible to ensure our daughter takes in as much as possible.  If she refused her bottle, they would try a different position, a different teacher, etc.  It was so comforting as a worried parent, to see how much WCC cared and the lengths they would go to in an effort to help our daughter eat.  The teachers know her so well - she is always full of smiles each morning when she sees them.  I also love how involved the director and assistant director are in the day to day care in the classrooms. 

Cedar Creek Center Parent


Our son is in the 3 year old room at WCC - Cedar Creek. We are grateful for the learning opportunities and socialization he is exposed to in this environment.  As he is a very energetic 3 year old, it is always nice to hear teachers say positive things about his questions, personality and detailed stories.  we are thankful for the teachers who can see beyond some of the frustrating 3 year old behaviors and instead highlight our son's curiosity, personality and vitality.

We also greatly appreciate the direct involvement of the director and assistant director in the classrooms.  They know the children well, respond to questions in a very timely fashion and are open to suggestions/ideas

Jessica Wilharms


WCC - Westside Center:  Drop off for my son can be difficult.  I love how his teacher comes over to comfort him.  She'll give him a hug, reassure him that I will be back and then distract him with his favorite toy.  Knowing that he is with a teacher that is kind, patient and compassionate really lets me know he is in good hands.

Melissa - Cedar Creek Center Parent


My daughter has been at Wausau Child Care since she was 12 weeks old.  Over the past year, she has grown into a wonderful little girl.  The dedication of her teachers have helped guider her in all the right directions and helped my husband and myself as first time parents overcome any challenges we've had.  All the teachers are so welcoming and truly care for the children.  I couldn't see my daughter at any other place simply because of how wonderful and educational Wausau Child Care has been for my daughter